Factors That Affect Car Insurance Quotes

It is essential to get auto insurance quotes before you even think about purchasing car insurance. And this doesn’t come as a surprise considering cars are expensive but essential piece of asset you have to care off. And this is easily done through purchasing car insurance.

But car insurance can be costly for most. For this reason, getting a car insurance quote is vital before you buy your four-wheeler insurance. That being said, in this simple guide we examine some of the common factors that affect auto insurance quotes.

Type of Insurance Cover

The first and foremost factor affecting auto insurance quotes is your choice of insurance policy. If you want to pay for only mandatory third-party insurance, the premium prices would be less costly. Also, the third-party insurance is the same across all auto insurance providers. And this doesn’t come as a surprise considering the IRDA sets the premium based on the cubic capacity of the car.

But this type of insurance coverage doesn’t cover the damages caused to your own vehicle. For this reason, you should consider buying comprehensive car insurance, covering both third-part liabilities and own damage. Keep in mind a comprehensive car insurance price can be costlier than standalone third-party insurance.

Age of the Car

We all know that your car will always undergo natural wear and tear with time. Consequently, its value depreciates over a period, reflecting on the insurance premium quotes you get. In most cases, you will be charged a higher premium if you car is new compared to the premium charged for an older car. Be sure to keep this in mind the next time you decide to get and compare auto insurance quotes.

Factoring in the above and other things will surely help you find the cheapest auto insurance quotes for your needs. For those who would like to compare free car insurance quotes fast, then you should look no further than Insurance Quotes.

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