Elon Musk Starts Following PM Modi On Twitter

Twitter chief and billionaire Elon Musk has started following Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Twitter. The Twitter account ‘Elon Alerts’ shared the news on Monday, and the screenshot soon started gaining traction on the microblogging platform.

Several netizens were quick to react to the news, and a common question among them was if this was a sign that Tesla would set up a factory in India. The founder of the electric car company has often said that he will only manufacture his cars in India if they are sold and serviced in India first.

He also tweeted that he is “excited” to see a factory being set up in the country, but it was unclear whether it would happen. The tweet has received positive responses from many netizens and has been liked by several followers.

According to the social media site, PM Modi is one of the most followed leaders on Twitter, with 87.7 million followers. The Indian Prime Minister is seen as a global leader and has garnered much support from his followers worldwide.

However, the Prime Minister’s Twitter following has been criticized by some users as being too high, with others asking him to tone down his tweets and posts. Some have even suggested that he follow a few Indians instead of just foreigners.

A few other users have questioned whether the Prime Minister is being sexist by following women on Twitter. Some of them also express their concerns about Musk’s use of Twitter as a platform for self-promotion.

Some have also questioned the way he treats his employees. In addition, they have pointed to several controversial changes he has made since taking over the company. Some include a paid verification program, global mass layoffs, and publicizing the ‘Recommended Tweets’ algorithm.

‘India: The Modi Question’ scrubbed from Twitter and YouTube

A documentary by the BBC viewed as critical of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been scrubbed off social media sites. According to reports, a senior adviser for India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting pushed for its removal.

The move came after a series of complaints from India, where authorities have been pressuring tech companies to take down content that is considered offensive. Despite the move, the film has been re-uploaded on YouTube and Twitter after numerous users complained about it being removed.

Blocked by the Indian Government

The government has been throttling the social media services of many prominent figures and organizations in India over the past few months, including Twitter. It has blocked accounts from over 100 politicians, activists, and journalists.

Amnesty International has condemned the censorship and warned that it violates human rights in India. It has also asked the international community to help protect the rights of Indian citizens.

Protests against censorship have been growing. Members of the Indian American Muslim Council, an advocacy organization, and other groups have led them.

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