Elon Musk Starts Following PM Modi On Twitter

Twitter chief and billionaire Elon Musk has started following Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Twitter. The Twitter account ‘Elon Alerts’ shared the news on Monday, and the screenshot soon started gaining traction on the microblogging platform. Several netizens were quick to react

Perfect Ways to Reduce Dust in a Room

Leaving dust exposed has the potential to lead to some misery for people in your home who suffer from asthma or allergies. Things get pretty worse if this happens to your workplace since you risk losing employees, prospects, and customers. Despite this,

Why Good Friday is Not Considered a Happy Day

Good Friday is a day of great religious importance for those who practice Christianity. The day commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, despite being known as Good Friday, it is not joyful. Therefore, it is recommended to refrain from

Ultimate Mats: A Quick Guide on Custom Door Mats

You’ve probably heard about renowned companies such as Ultimate Mats that specialize in creating custom logo mats for commercial customers and help businesses get the most from the branding and marketing strategies. Such manufacturers excel at creating logo mats that wow customers

How Custom Floor Mats Pay For Themselves

So, you have been thinking about adding custom logo mats to your business. There is no reason to panic considering it is among the excellent choices you can ever make in your quest to drive business growth. But it is easy for

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