What You Need to Know About Custom Logo Mats

Your entryway mat can double up as a promotional and publicity medium with custom logo mats. Actually, any business will benefit immensely from a logo rug. It gives businesses the chance to introduce themselves to people who may not have known anything about them and gives customer product-related information.

Custom logo mats are perfect for promoting your brand and work effectively since they display your logo with stunning sharpness and clarity. There are different types of printed logo mats to choose from. The right one for you would depend on an array of factors like the design, cost, usage, among others.

In this simple guide, we will take you through some of the most popular types of printed logo mats worth your attention.

Digitally Printed Logo Mats

Digitally printed logo mats are aimed at displaying your logo and images in sharp, clear, and vivid details. With these mats, the logo or image is printed directed onto the mat’s surface using a chromojet digital printer. The colors are permanently dyed onto the nylon carpet. When it comes to digitally printed mats, it is very easy to reproduce fine details and shading and print 3-dimensional images.

Clean Step Logo Scraper Mat

If your design requires you to print high-quality images on the logo rug, digitally printed HD logo mats are the ideal solution for you. The rug is printed using a ‘High-Definition’ four-color process digital printed. Clean step logo scraper mats have verified nylon fibers that are denser and have an even surface that gives a sharper print.

The good thing about leveraging this type is that you get a custom logo mat with great photographic quality. This option is perfect for designs requiring multiple colors. The digital print uses up to 28 colors and the digital print HD gives 10 times more resolution and has Pantone matching offering unlimited color options.

Expo Mat

If you want to transform your tradeshow floor into an item application exhibition, then an expo mat is precisely what you need. You only have to involve a logo rug to show a specific application for an item or affect your logo on your career expo stand.  For instance, print a parking space and use it to grandstand a utilization for another of your products.

The Bottom Line

There are different types of custom logo mats to choose from depending on your business needs. From logo mats and expo mats to special mats and celebrity doormat, be sure to factor in the use case of each type before making this all-important business purchase decision.

Luckily, you can now order custom logo mats and have them, delivered to you in almost no time. This is possible thanks to leading online mat dealers such as Ultimate Mats. At Ultimate Mats, we make custom door mats.

Select from our custom logo mats or logo rugs, add your logo, then you can choose the size, orientation, backing and border. All that without spending more than planned.

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